Something Old, Something New

We’re so excited! Our special day has finally arrived. The day we celebrate our commitment with a beautiful expression of love. After months of dreaming and planning, looking at zillions of wedding dresses, picking menus, considering and reconsidering every tiny detail, we’re finally ready to launch our completely remodeled Morilee website!

Welcome, dear guests! Leave your coats and any pre-wedding stress you might have at the door. It’s time to have fun! Our new site is almost as elegant, sophisticated and inviting as our dresses. When we scheduled this “beauty make-over,” we told our designers to be sure and highlight all the lovely features that make us unique. Well, that would be our dresses, of course. So now when you navigate through all our gorgeous Collections, you’ll be absolutely delighted at how easy it is. We’ve made it piece-of-wedding-cake simple to locate a particular dress by its style number. We added richer and more detailed descriptions to every dreamy dress (a labor of pure love!) We also improved the color and image replay on the site, because the only thing we want to leave to the imagination is the vision of your stunning self wearing the dress.

Eventually, gazing at beautiful photographs and reading tantalizing descriptions won’t be enough, and you’re going to want to experience the deliciousness live. To make that happen we’ve optimized our Store Finder features to help you enjoy the dress in the flesh.

Our mobile experience has been greatly improved as well. We know the yearning to pore through Morilee Wedding Dress Collections can hit you at any time or any place, and it must be gratified immediately!

Just talking about dresses makes our eyeballs hungry for some visual stimulation. This is one of our recent favorites: Style #2877. (Click it. We’ll wait!) It’s from our signature Morilee Collection. We love how the tulle ball gown is married so lusciously to the crystal beadwork. As in our new web design, and even our new logo design, melding time-honored classic styles with contemporary fashion-forward features is characteristic of the Morilee vision.

The keeper and creator of the vision is our inspirational dress designer, Madeline Gardner. For over 25 years, Ms. Gardner has been designing award-winning bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Quinceañera and prom dresses, as well as evening and mother-of-the-bride dresses. Because we own our own factories, there is an unbroken production link from original design to final fitting, and she is involved every step of the way.

Her impeccable taste and extraordinary knowledge and experience have allowed us to create some of the most head-turning sought-after dresses in the world. Her obsession with perfect fit has filled millions of women with ultra-radiating confidence on their day of all days. You’ll feel it too when it’s your turn.

Another feeling you will soon experience is one of pleasant surprise. That comes when you discover that you could be walking down the aisle in a breath-taking, perfectly fit dress made by an uncompromising award-winning designer that is well within your happy budget range. Yes, Morilee dresses make you feel beautiful and confident — AND smart!

So, enjoy our new website. Play. Have fun. Dream. We would love to turn your dreams into dresses. Oh, by the way, did you see Style #5461? Wow!