The Wedding Week! A Survivor’s Guide to the Most Hectic Week of Your Life

It’s finally here. You’ve been planning for months, possibly even a year. The songs have been picked, the food has been tasted, and you’re in the homestretch. After all the hours poring over invitation fonts, napkin swatches, and searching endlessly for those just-right bridesmaids dresses, you want to make sure everything goes perfectly for the big day.

Here is some food for thought on how to make that final week count and stay sane while you’re at it!

  • Type up a final timeline for the whole wedding day and send it out to your wedding party. You will thank yourself later! This way everyone will know just what to expect ahead of time and you won’t be flustered getting everything organized when the wedding day arrives.
  • Pack for the honeymoon! In a few days you’ll finally get to sit back and relax after the chaos of the wedding is over. Take the time this week to put together your suitcase so when the wedding is over, you are all set to go on that dream vacation!
  • Keep yourself well nourished. So many brides make the mistake of trying to shed those last couple of pounds during the final week before the wedding. Stay hydrated and eat sensibly to make sure you are healthy and well energized for the most exciting day of your life!
  • Check in with all of your vendors. Write down any contact numbers you might need on your wedding day and confirm the vendors have yours in case anything last minute comes up.
  • And finally… Don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember this is a special event to celebrate your love.  Your guests won’t notice if a tiny detail goes awry. So, maybe the special basket for the flower girl you ordered doesn’t arrive on time, or the personalized napkins come in the wrong color. Play it cool and focus on the important part: you’re getting married!