Why We Love Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Say goodbye to the days of bridesmaid dresses as an afterthought! Bridesmaid style has certainly come a very long way. Each year, leading wedding fashion designers proclaim that a growing number of brides are coming to them interested in “alternative styles”, and that’s not just for them. While many brides out there are looking to wear something that’s not your traditional cookie-cutter dress, they also want their bridesmaids to have that same level of versatility.

This is why we love mismatched bridesmaid dresses. This trend allows you to spotlight each individual woman and make certain she’s wearing a dress that makes her feel magnificent all her own. You can create a truly unique ensemble of stunning dresses with distinct styles and fabrics that will be loved and adored.

Love It For Your Bridesmaids

bridesmaids in burgundy mis matched dressesBesides making your wedding party look creative and fabulous, non-traditional bridesmaid dresses are perfect for when you have bridesmaids that have different physical features that are better suited for different styles and materials.

Let’s face it: some of your ladies are slightly mortified at the thought of being seen in pictures with their arms, shoulders, and neckline fully exposed. Some of your bridesmaids would want nothing more than to avoid having to show off their legs. Whatever the case may be, giving a little leeway on unique bridesmaid dress choice is going to them wonders in picking out something that is perfectly suited and flattering for them.

If you have a creative group of girls and you want them to stand out, mix and match bridesmaid dresses will be an awesome way to bring them closer into the fold and give them a vested role in your wedding day.

Many of the girls are going to be grateful. One bride that opted for the mismatched approached sympathetically told us, “I didn’t want my bridesmaids’ dresses to look like, well, a bridesmaid dress. I’ve been a bridesmaid so many times now – I know how it is.”

Style Tips for the Bride

There are tons of ways to incorporate the ever-popular mismatched bridesmaid look. That’s kind of the fun of it, right? But mix and match bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to mean your ladies run off and grab whatever dress off the rack that they’re in love with that day.

Sure, some of the benefits of mismatched bridesmaid dresses come from the fact that you can finally take a break and let someone else steer the wheel for a bit. However, you can still stay true to your wedding’s color scheme by simply giving your bridesmaids a color swatch, such as lilac, and letting them choose a style and silhouette from there!

A fantastic take on this idea is to give the girls their own color swatch, each with a unique shade of the same color. This can create a really charming effect that’ll show up amazing in your wedding photos, perhaps with a dark-to-light arrangement that culminates with your own dress.

lilac bridesmaid dresses - mix and match bridesmaid gownsIf you want to keep the dress cut the same, choose a broader color palette. Pastel shades for bridesmaids are a very cool option, particularly for springtime weddings.

For your maid of honor to stand out, have her wear a printed dress with a pattern that incorporates a couple of diverse colors. Then, each bridesmaid can represent one of the shades in her own dress, with the maid of honor tying it all together.

These suggestions only scrape the surface of the creativity that mismatched bridesmaid dresses bring to your wedding. Think about your flowers, favorite designer, accessories, any and every element of your wedding and get ready to let your imagination run wild!

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