A Very Valentine’s Day Guide

Love is in the air here at Morilee.  With so many classic date ideas to choose from, we figured it was time to get creative with cupid for this February 14th!

Who doesn’t love a theme night?

Pick your partner’s favorite movie genre; sci-fi, horror, 80’s, grab some snacks, and dress for the occasion. Think Grease meets burgers and shakes, dressed in some leather leggings. Throw in some old school board games to add a little competition to the night!

Couples that cook together…

learn together!  Find a cooking class that fits both your appetites. Nothing says romance like sharing a homemade plate of pasta and freshly baked cannolis that you worked together to make.  

Competition makes the heart grow fonder

Did someone say laser tag?!  A little competitive action can be surprisingly refreshing every now and then. Paint ball, bumper cars, laser tag, an intense game of indoor squash or racquetball. Plus it doesn’t matter who wins, you’re both winning in the game of love!  

First time’s a charm

Think back to some of your “firsts” together. Maybe the first time you went to a restaurant you loved, the first park you strolled through, the first place you were when you said I love you. Plan a day or a night that brings back all those gushy feelings.

And just remember, if all else fails, a little chocolate never hurt.