Thanks A Million!

So you’ve said your I Do’s, danced that last dance, and traveled on a whirlwind honeymoon and back. What now you ask? Some very important thank you’s to all your friends and family! From incorporating a personal touch, to staying organized, to finding the perfect words, thank you notes can actually be a fun item on your post wedding to-do list. Grab your favorite pen and let’s get started!

Excel At It!

Minimize the amount of information from the start! As soon as you begin receiving and opening gifts, start a computerized spreadsheet! Presents are bound to come before the big day arrives, so this gives you a chance to get organized early. In a sea of boxes and envelopes you’ll be grateful for an efficient system to keep track of it all. Bonus Tip: If you created a tracker for your wedding RSVP’s you can simply add another column for gifts. Now your guests’ information is all set to go!  

A Monogram Message

One of the best parts of marrying your special someone is you’re officially a “we” now! Nothing says newly married like monogrammed stationary. If you’ve taken the same last name, go for a bold insignia that shows it off.  Or stick with your first names side by side as a great classic option. Chic stationery will always be in style, long past your wedding.

A Way With Words

Whether you’re thanking your guest for something off your registry or something they’ve selected, this is a perfect opportunity to let them know how appreciative you are that they were there to celebrate and share in your special day. Pick a memory with them that stands out from the wedding weekend to include. Something personal, even a small moment, will go a long way in showing how much you care.

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Put a Stamp on It

An adorable time saver? Count us in! Order a personalized stamp with your return address. Pick a few ink pad colors and voila! You’ve got yourself a colorful and speedy way to seal all of your envelopes. Next stop, the mailbox!

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