First Comes Engagement…Then Comes…

Fresh off one of the most exciting moments of your life, you’re probably riding the high of your newly engaged status! Now the question is, what’s next?  Well, that’s where we come in! Read on for a few beginner’s tips to start planning your dream day. That is of course if you can tear your eyes away from that blinding sparkle gleaming off your ring finger!

Let’s Talk Numbers

For most couples, a key place to begin even thinking about your wedding day is establishing a budget. That means figuring out exactly who’s going to be paying for what. Of course, this is going to look different for everyone. Whether you and your other half are going to be frontloading the cost on your own, or one or both sets of parents are going to contribute, make sure you’re clear on a firm number before you start looking! Setting your sights on a venue that turns out to be way past what you can afford can be a big letdown, so go into the process with a clear mind, and a definite number in your wallet!

Location Logistics

The sky’s the limit when it comes to places to say “I Do.” So it’s possible what you’re envisioning, and what your partner is imagining, could be right on the same page or in a totally different book. If you’ve had a destination in mind since you were a little girl, be open to the possibility that there might be other options to consider. If your families are from a similar area it might be geographically desirable to stick to a place nearby. But if friends and family are spread out, a destination wedding will be an ideal way to gather people in a neutral spot.

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Look Who’s Coming

Similar to creating a budget, setting your guest list is definitely a two person job. Think about what kind of wedding you want to have. Are you looking forward to a small intimate gathering of your closest loved ones? Or is this going to be a big affair? Go through each of your families’ one by one to ensure you don’t leave anyone out. Plus-ones can really add up, so figure out your party limit now before you choose a venue that might have a maximum or minimum capacity.

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Seasons of Love

Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, we don’t think you can go wrong but decide if there’s one that you’re drawn to. If all you can picture is walking down an aisle lined in gorgeous fall foliage, then you’ve narrowed it down and you’re ready to go venue hunting. For those of you brides that are totally unsure of what you want and you’re open to any time of the year, do your research! A quick photo search could have you leaning in one direction over another. You might be surprised how much you love the winter whites of a December wedding or the warm sand of a beachy July affair.

But remember, the most important part of planning is to enjoy it! Though wedding planning can be stressful, it’s your big day so make sure to have a little fun along the way! 

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