Registry Rundown

With so many things to choose from, creating your wedding registry can seem like a daunting task. While you should definitely ask for things you need most, like dishes or home furnishing, we think this is an opportunity to get creative and put things on your list you wouldn’t normally buy yourself! Here are the top ten items we think should not be missed when creating your dream registry list. 

1. Candlesticks that’ll give any date night dinner into a proper romantic ambiance.

2. A matching set of towels to finally replace the mismatched ones you’ve been holding onto since college. 

3. A sterling silver ring dish that not only keeps your engagement bling safe but looks great while doing it.

4. A high-end knife set for carving your first Thanksgiving turkey as a Mr. & Mrs.

5. A monogrammed cheese board for newlywed status dinner parties you’ll be throwing. 

6. Those high thread-count sheets that’ll keep you dreaming of getting back into bed from the moment you get out of it.

7. A mortar and pestle that’ll turn any guacamole you make into a surefire A+.

8. A sparkly double invitation frame to display a wedding photo on one side and your invite on the other! 

9. A mixmaster, otherwise known as the ultimate tool for anyone with a knack for baking.

10. Travel gear galore! Matching luggage that’s perfect for your honeymoon adventure.

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