Sweet Treats: The Dessert Bar of Your Dreams

Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of the traditional tiered wedding cake, but with National Dessert Day right around the corner, we thought we should let our decadent imaginations run wild with three of our favorite desserts. After all, everyone knows you save the best for last! Dairy delights and pastel sugary sights will taste and look every bit as good as they sound on your big day!

Sundae Kind of Love

We’re not just talking a scoop of vanilla or chocolate here. Spice it up with an abundance of yummy flavors, a wide array of toppings, and don’t forget the hot fudge sauce. We wouldn’t say no to a mini fro-yo machine rental either, where guests can fill waffle cones to their hearts, and tummies, content!  If you want to muster up your guests’ childhood nostalgia, add lots of old-school kid cereal for toppings, like fruit loops, cocoa krispies, or cinnamon toast crunch.

Candy Shoppe

Imagine Willy Wonka decided to become your dessert vendor, that’s what we’re picturing for the ultimate customized candy bar! Pick a color palette to go with your wedding décor or just go for the full rainbow. Glass fish bowls filled to the brim with jellybeans, lollipops, gummies, malt balls, gumdrops, sour straws, and chocolate kisses. Not to mention how very “instagrammable” this will look perched in the center of your reception space for everyone to savor, and use for a photo-op while they’re at it. Your dentist might not be thrilled, but your sweet tooth sure will be!

Fondue Fun

What makes this option so fabulous is all the possibilities it comes with! You’ve got the classic marshmallows and fruit, but why stop there? Tiny rice krispie treat bites, mini cake squares, donut holes and more! And we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. A giant fountain, overflowing with ooey-gooey, melted, chocolatey goodness. Yeah, this is one station we won’t be missing out on.

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