Altared – What kind of Altar Best Fits Your Style

First comes love, then comes the ceremony to celebrate it! So why not do it in style? From traditional to totally out of the box, these gorgeous designs all have one thing in common, they’re the perfect place to say “I Do!”


If you’re more of a free spirit who enjoys the natural elements, we think boho is your best bet! Think of colorful Persian rugs beneath a teepee arch, maybe even some gauzy fabric to billow in the wind, and, of course, accents of pampas grass. We also love the idea of getting married in front of a magical macramé backdrop. The gorgeous patterns will give your altar a unique look, plus it’s a fun DIY project you could take on with your friends or future hubby!


For those who consider themselves traditionalists, and love all the classic elements of a wedding, we’ve got the perfect altar idea for you! We picture something covered in stunning white roses, pretty, peonies, and even luscious lilies. Keep everything elegant and soft with beautifully draped linens across the posts of the arbor, perfectly framing the handsome couple standing beneath it These gorgeous, yet subtle, details really allow all the focus to be put on the bride and groom on their big day!

Rustic Chic

Outdoorsy, yet still glam, rustic chic is the perfect blend for anyone out there who wants the best of both worlds! We—of course—think that using natural elements, like different types of wood, to comprise your arbor is the best way to bring that rustic feel. Accent that with beautiful greenery and delicate flowers to help keep the look feminine and chic! Of, if you really want to do something unique, try finding a set of vintage doors. the weathered look of the wood will perfectly add to that rustic charm you’re going for, while still feeling elegant as you stand between the open doors.


We’ve got some idea for all the modern minimalists out there who like things clean and simple. Skip the oh so common arch and go for no arch at all! Use delicate branches and flowers to flank either side of your “altar” leaving you and your groom as the perfect focal point! If you’re planning on using a full arbor or arch, we recommend one with clean lines and made of simple material, like metal or glass. And if you really want to mix it up think about using a circle shape to get rid of all those busy angles!


We love glamour just as much as the next person, but for those who live their lives over the top, you need your wedding altar to match! Picture a mirrored arbor dripping in extravagant flowers with gorgeous gilded accents. Every detail is to the nines from the glittering chandelier to the beautiful blooms. Add some architectural interest with a decorated dome! Drape luxurious linens around it or adorn it full of flowers. Either way, you’ll have all the glitz and glamour a girl could dream of!

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