Mini-Moons: The Perfect “In-Between” Trip

For however long you’ve been planning your wedding, you’ve probably been imagining your honeymoon for even longer. but what happens if you can’t jet off to paradise just yet? That’s where the mini-moon comes in! For those who don’t know what this abbreviated trip is, read below to find out all the reasons why it’s the perfect in-between trip!

There’s something incredibly magical about the first few days as a newly minted Mr. & Mrs. Whether you spend this time with your other half on an island off the coast from where you live, or in a cozy cabin next door to your venue, you’ll be together and that’s what counts! A few days to savor every special moment from your wedding, rest and recharge, and just take it all in, is exactly what you’ll need.

As amazing as trips across the world can be, you’re likely going to be exhausted in the days leading up to the wedding, and even more so after the big day is over! Worrying about packing, long flights, and finalizing your itinerary is a whole other commitment. Saving your trip of a lifetime for a few weeks, months, or even a year later means you have something to look forward to after all the celebrations have ended.

Time is a virtue, and time off of work can be hard to come by. You’ll want to secure a few days leading up to the wedding to prep, so adding another week or two on top of that might be asking a lot. Typically 3–4 days long, the mini-moon option gives you a chance to relax post-nuptials without totally eating away at your vacation days.

Keep it close and don’t stress yourself trying to figure out a cross-country mini-moon. Try and keep your destination only 2 or 3 hours away, either by car or plane. This is the perfect time to visit the cute bed & breakfast or local resort that always seemed too close to make a vacation of. Also, weddings can be expensive, and you might not be ready to incur the cost of a transatlantic honeymoon. This way you and your spouse can adventure together on your mini-moon without the financial stress and save up for the honeymoon of your dreams!

And the number one reason to plan a mini-moon…two honeymoons are better than one! Think of it as double the time to love, laugh, and share even more memories together!

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