Small Business Saturday

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to focus our attention on another day that should be celebrated, and no we’re not talking about Christmas yet, but Small Business Saturday! It’s important to support your local business and that includes the bridal salons in your area. Not only do these stores foster local economies, but they help support their community and give you an in-store experience that just can’t be compared to buying your gown online!

To help our readers understand just how important it is to support your local bridal shops we spoke to one of our retailers, Jackie Moore, the sales manager at J&B Bridals in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Her family has owned and operated their bridal business for over 40 years and has helped add to the unique identity of their city! She shared with us the “Supporting local family-owned business not only aids the local community but also supports the special shopping experience that can only be found in a small business setting.” When a bride shops for her dress at her local bridal store she gets personalized, individual attention, and can find a selection of hand-picked gowns that are unique to that store! The in-store shopping experience also allows you to be able to see the gowns in person. It might surprise you what you like when you see it in person and get to try on dresses.

Not only is there a unique selection of dresses, but you can build a relationship with the people who work there that’s absent from online retailers. Jackie says “Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding parts of this type of business is the relationships we have built with our prom girls, brides, ad their families.” Creating this connection with your consultant allows them to better understand you—and your style—to find you the perfect gown! With a family-owned small business, every customer matters, and you can feel that when shopping there. Nothing makes the consultants and owners happier than when they get to share in the experience of a bride having her “moment” when she realizes she’s found her dress!

Along with the relationship you get to build with the people who work at the salon, you, as a bride, get a one-on-one experience. There’s something special about receiving the star treatment when going in for a bridal appointment, and that’s what you get when you go to an independently owned bridal shop! Jackie tells us “Our focus is 100% on the bride and on finding exactly what she wants for her wedding day while having fun and developing a friendship with her at the same time,” and that’s how it is for most bridal salons. You get the total focus of the consultant helping you. Shopping at your local bridal salon allows you to sit back, relax, and soak up the special moment of finding your dream dress!

There are so many wonderful and unique details the small businesses in your area can provide to you, and it’s time we give them the love and attention they deserve! The in-store experience lets you have a totally personalized appointment when looking for your gown and gives you a one-on-one connection with your consultant to help you along in the process. Jackie says “We truly view our customers as friends and family, and it’s an honor to help them with such a special day in their lives,” and that right there is why independently owned bridal businesses can offer you truly unparalleled service!