Picture Perfect – Best Photos To Get During Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a magical time filled with so many beautiful moments! Sometimes though, it’s hard to know which moments to capture, to last you forever. From the first look to the first kiss, getting ready with your girls, and dancing the night away, keep reading for our top photos to get during your wedding!

The First Look

If you’re doing a first look with your partner, that’s a moment you’ll definitely want to capture. The look on their face as they see you in your gorgeous dress for the first time is something you’ll want to savor for a long time to come. And don’t just limit it to your bride or groom, get a first look with your bridesmaids! The reaction from your best girls will be such a fun photo, seeing them ooh and ah over how beautiful you look!

The Private Moments

The sweet moments between you and your brand new spouse are lovely photos to look back on. Whether it’s sharing a subtle smile, making each other laugh, or longing looks when no one’s watching, each instance where it feels like it’s just the two of you alone is a precious moment to remember. An image of you gazing into each other’s eyes will help to remind you just how special that day was and how much you love each other!

The Bridal Party

These women are your best friends and, most likely, have been with you throughout the whole ride of your relationship, so make sure your photographer catches all the laughs and tears, smiles and hugs! From getting ready together to bridal party portraits, your candid moments with your bride tribe are shots that you can cherish with your closest friend for a lifetime.

Father Daughter/Mother Son Dance

Your parents have been with you through it all, and we’re not just talking about planning your wedding, but all the important times in your life. So making sure you have pictures of this touching scene is a great way to make the memories last for both you and your parents! Make sure your photographer snaps away throughout the whole dance to catch all the lovely moments the two of you share. Also, if you the photos beautifully framed, they’re a great gift to share with your parents down the line!

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