Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas!

Your wedding is when you celebrate your love, and what could be more perfect than the day of love itself, Valentine’s Day! And whether you get married on the day or not, having an ultra-romantic wedding theme is never a bad idea. Keep reading to see how you can play cupid and have all your guests fall in love with your beautiful affair!

Color Scheme

Of course, the classic colors of Valentine’s Day are red and pink, but you can play up all the different shades to create a romantic ambiance for your wedding. Besides scarlet red and blush, try incorporating more sophisticated tones like burgundy and dusty rose. These lovely tones are perfect for your invitation suite, beautiful blooms, and other venue décor.

The Details

Some of the most romantic touches for your Valentine’s Day wedding can be in the details! Consider getting emblazoned cocktail napkins with your favorite quote about love or—instead of traditional table numbers—name your tables with the word “love” in different languages. These little things help bring together the beautiful scene of your wedding.

Light It Up

We think a fun way to make sure that everyone can see your love is trough neon signs! Using the quintessential symbols of Valentine’s Day like hearts, and Cupid’s arrow or even the word love written out would be a cute and modern way to bring in the temes of V-day into your wedding. If you’re more traditional, try romantic votive candles in shades of red, pink, and white.

Dressing Up

There are so many stunning options for you and your bridesmaids to really bring the theme to life. Your bridesmaids can mix and match in different shades of pink, from blush to rosewood, blossom, and peony, these colors are a lovely combination! And if you want to bring the Valentine’s Day vibes into your dress as well, try bringing some rosey tones into your gown. Take the Sakura, a romantic, floral printed tulle ballgown with a subtle rosé shade peeking through!