Style Guide: Lovely In Lace

The love story between lace and wedding gowns is a classic one, and our Morilee dresses are no exception! From bodices to sleeves and trains, lace can be beautiful as the main event or a dainty accent. Whatever the season, a lacey gown is always charming and always a good idea! And for such a romantic fabric, one type just isn’t enough! Let’s break down what makes each of these laces so unique.

Chantilly Lace

The most popular type used on wedding gowns, this ultra-sheer and intricately detailed lace is lightweight and looks stunning as a frosted adornment or sparkling with sequins. Great on sleeves and overlays, it’ll give the gown that extra something special! The Stefani gown features delicately beaded, frosted appliqués over shimmering sequined Chantilly lace for a trendy meets traditional look.

Alençon Lace

Around since the 16th century, it’s hard not to fall in love with this delicate French fabric with its dreamy floral pattern. Often used to create glittering beaded appliqués, you’ll absolutely swoon over! Sinead’s frosted Alençon lace applqués add a simply soft look to this structured mermaid gown for an allover elegant effect.

Venice Lace

Very different from the delicate quality of Chantilly and Alencon, Venetian lace has a firmer quality. For the bride who loves depth and structure, this one is for you! Our Karlee gown is breathtakingly beautiful with head to toe crystalized, Venice lace appliqués, or look ravishing in Renee with its Venice lace appliqués over a Chantilly lace mermaid.

Embroidered Lace

Giving the appearance of a 3-D texture, embroidered lace is the perfect compliment to illusion features on a dress. We can’t get enough of the Peta dress with its frosted embroidered appliqués that beautifully complement the fit and flare gown. For a perfectly plus-size option, the Patience gown stuns with embroidered lace sleeves with appliqués cascading down the Chantilly lace ballgown.

With looks this enchanting it’s easy to see why lace is queen of the wedding gown!

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