Eco-Friendly Extravaganza

We love weddings, and also love our planet! In honor of Earth Day, we’ve created a how-to guide for throwing a gorgeous, yet green, celebration. And when taking care of the environment looks this good, that’s a no-brainer for us!

Less is More

It’s easy to go overboard when you start down the rabbit hole of wedding décor, but when it comes to an environmentally friendly affair, consider picking a venue that is naturally rich with beauty to reduce the amount of “stuff” you’ll need to fill the space. Outdoor locations are always going to work well for this! A farm with a vintage red barn doesn’t need any help in the charm department. The endless sprawling manicured lawns you’ll find at a country club are simple, yet make for a stunning backdrop. And with the incredible greenery and swirl of florals at a Botanical Garden, we say the fewer frills the better. The colorful background will speak for itself! 

Sustainably Sourced

Organic and in-season blooms are the way to go for your bouquets and centerpieces. If they’re exotic, chances are they had to be imported from afar, so by choosing a nearby farm florist, you’ll be using flowers straight from the local source, without having to worry about the process of preserving the flowers in transit (not to mention all the energy used to transport the flowers there!) Same goes for the food you’ll be serving. The farm-to-table trend is super popular for good reason, the ingredients are organic, local, and fresh. Mother Earth will thank you later!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Pretty doesn’t necessarily have to mean new! When you’re designing your invitations, there are plenty of stationary companies out there looking to reduce their carbon footprint. You’ll be able to pick everything from your save-the-date to invites, menus, and thank you notes on one hundred percent recycled paper in styles ranging from extravagant to rustic. Some companies have even pledged to plant a tree for every order they receive, making the business you’re giving them a win-win for you and the planet! Also, try to avoid snail-mail when it comes to your direction cards and RSVPs. Turn your wedding website into the main event for invite replies and wedding day logistics.

A Green Giveaway

It’s always a sweet sentiment to leave your guests with a parting gift at the end of the night. To stay true to the eco mission, send your friends and family home with a small pack of plantable seeds so they can add some of nature’s beauty to their own home. Make sure all the fresh florals you’ve used have a home by the end of the night, especially if you’ll be honeymoon bound straight from your wedding weekend. Don’t let those last few guests leave without an arrangement in hand! 

Featured Image by Kelly Brown Photographer

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