Honoring Our Heroes

Tomorrow marks a day that we’re so proud to commemorate here at Morilee!  Aside from celebrating our military heroes this weekend, we think it’s always a good idea to let them know how much they mean to us. And what better way to do that than saluting them at your wedding! Here are a few of our favorite ideas of how to show your hero what they mean to you.

Rather than the traditional wedding attire, incorporate the service uniform into your ceremony.  It’s the perfect way to blend military and matrimony!

Get creative with your floral feels! Wrap an honorary ribbon, dog tag, or medal around your bouquet.  There’s nothing more special than paying homage to their service as you head down the aisle!

If you’re honoring a passed love one who served in the military, consider setting up a beautiful memorial table where you can display his or her pictures, memorial candles, or American flags. Having that person there with you in spirit will mean so much!

If you’ll have many other military friends joining the celebrations, let them take part in the traditional saber arch for your first post I Do kiss! Bridesmaids gowns in shades of blue and red, and American flag groomsmen’s socks, add to the patriotic theme.

Themed cookies or a cake in the coordinating colors is another pretty and patriotic idea!   

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Featured Image from TODAY Show