Journey of the Dress


Planning your dream wedding?  It’s all sunshine and cocktails until you realize you still have to figure out how to get your dress to your venue! Well have no fear, a few of our genius tricks are here to save the day.

We’re Flying First Class

Bigger seats, more overhead space, a closet up front, first up to board! Going the upgraded route means you’ll have the best chance to snag a spot for your oversized garment bag. Plus with all the extra TLC first class passengers get, you’ll get a leg up on accommodating your most precious cargo!

Double Up

If just thinking about your dress tucked above a load of suitcases is making you sweat, then perhaps your gown needs a seat all to itself. While this will up your flight cost, you can rest assured your dress won’t leave your sight and will arrive safe and sound, in pretty darn good condition at that!

Packed, Sealed, Delivered

Regardless of how it’ll be making it to your venue, your dress needs a proper carrier.  Something like the Wally Bag is long enough to fit the full length of your gown, comes with padded rollers inside, and features a collapsible hook. There might even be room to sneak in a tux or another dress and some of your accessories as well. Just make sure to avoid any zipper snags along the way!

Shipping News

You’re in luck if you’re Morilee gown was bought in the same country as your wedding! You can arrange for us to have your dress shipped to its final spot. If you’re coordinating shipping on your own, be sure to use a high-end courier and lock in travel insurance as well.

A Series of Unforeseen Events

No matter how carefully you plan, it’s always wise to assume something could go wrong. A few wrinkles don’t need to send you into full panic mode, just make sure there’ll be a steamer waiting for you at your hotel.  If you insure your dress ahead of time, you’ll most likely be covered for a straight off-the-rack last-minute replacement dress. Go for the least complicated plan you can find, something that won’t have you tied up if you need to spring into action.

Time to get packing! Safe arrival guaranteed!

Featured Image: Bridal & Formal