Dress Alterations 101

Your big day should be perfect and so should the fit of your dress! No matter what style wedding dress you’ve chosen, the most important thing is making sure you look beautiful and feel comfortable! Part of achieving the perfect fit often means getting your dress altered. Here are some helpful tips for what to plan for if alterations are needed.

How Much do alterations cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of dress alterations. Things like the cut of the dress, fabric, embellishments, any customizations you are planning to make, or changes in weight. Depending on the services required by the seamstress or tailor, alterations costs can cover a broad range. The costs of alterations should be discussed with a professional seamstress, which can help determine how it fits in your wedding budget.

How long do alterations take?

When it comes to the time your alterations will take, it all depends on the intricacies of the alterations needed. The amount of services required to properly alter the dress and how many dresses they have to alter can extend the timeline. If it’s a simple hem on a dress, it can be done fairly quickly, but greater modifications, like hand beadwork or creating sleeves, can tack on time.Multiple dress fittings may be required to make sure your wedding dress has the perfect fit! Planning is definitely important if you are getting major alterations done close to the big day. Otherwise, they can be done in a timely matter without worry.

when should dress alterations happen?

Most brides purchase their wedding gowns in the early stages of planning, with months or even a year left before the wedding! In this respect, it doesn’t matter when the initial alterations happen unless you are planning on a change in weight. The most important thing to plan for is a final fitting 2–3 weeds before the wedding. This will ensure your dress fits perfectly on your big day!

Where should you get dress alterations?

Most bridal boutiques offer their own alteration services. This is recommended and can be a less expensive route to a perfect fit. I?f you can’t get alterations at the store where your dress was purchased, a professional seamstress or tailor can do the job. Your bridal salon may have recommendations for seamstresses they work closely with, so be sure to ask! Make sure he or she specializes in wedding dress alterations. The materials and techniques used to create detailed embellishments and familiarity with delicate fabrics is essential for successful alterations.

Planning is essential for successful dress alterations

As the big day draws nearer, it is important for all brides to remember that there are many moving parts to planning a wedding and reception. When it comes to dress alterations, planning in a timely manner is the key to success. Decide where you’re going to get the dress altered when you purchase it, find out how much it would cost, and make sure you have your 2-week final fitting schedule. It will be one less thing to worry about as you get closer to walking down the aisle, and your dress will be absolutely gorgeous!

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