Dogust: Most Valuable Puppy

Dogust: Most Valuable Puppy
Alyssa Faith Photography

It’s probably fair to say that you love your pup almost as much as your partner (maybe even more)! Pets are always by your side, so your wedding day should be no exception. From pooch pictures to cute ceremony moments, including your BFF (best furry friend) in your nuptials gets two paws up!

Right off the bat put your canine cutie in your save the date and engagement photos. Nothing says family portrait more than the happy couple plus the pups!

Dress your little ones, or big ones, up for the special day. If you thought your dog was cure now, wait until you see him or her dressed in a bow tie or tutu!

Give them a proper entrance! Whether you walk down the aisle with your dog in tow or you let them accompany the flower girl, they deserve a little spotlight too.

Put a pretty collar to good use! Rather than the traditional ring bearer, attach the rings to your puppy’s collar so they can really be a part of the ceremony.

Make sure you get plenty of wedding photo ops. When you look back on what made your day so memorable, there’s no doubt your pooch pa will be a special part of it!

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