The Ultimate Bride’s To-Do List

The Ultimate Bride's To-Do List

A sparkle on your finger and a smile on your face can only mean one thing… you’re basking in that newly engaged glow!  But now that your proposal is in the past, it’s time to get your wedding in the works for the future. From location to the guest list, down to the dining details, there’s plenty to keep you busy, so let’s start making a list, and checking it twice, to ensure your wedding is everything you’ve hoped for and more! 

The Season

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall all you have to do is pick the one you love most! Do you fall head over heels for foliage? Is a winter wonderland your version of the perfect wedding? For the girl who loves summer and sunshine perhaps you’re meant to be a June bride. Spring always has plenty to offer too with beautiful blooms and moderate temperatures. Depending on when you got engaged, how short or long of an engagement you want, may play a big factor in what season you decide to make it official!

The Guest List

Getting a solid guest list under your belt can be one of the most helpful tasks to check off your list right from the start! Before you have your heart set on a venue, find out roughly how many people you can expect. Then you’ll be better prepared to start researching event spaces that’ll suit your needs!

The Venue

For some couples, picking your venue is an easy decision, especially if there’s an event space close by that you’ve always loved. And for others, embarking on a destination wedding is the adventure of a lifetime! From a rustic vineyard to a glam ballroom downtown, or a sprawling country club, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to tie the knot. Just go with the choice that’ll make you two the happiest!

The Dress

We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t our favorite part! Dresses can take time to order and arrive, so the sooner you start looking the better. Take snaps of ones you’ve seen that you love, and get started making appointments at bridal boutiques. If you already have a dress in mind, be sure to call the store before making an appointment to see if they have it in stock. Then the real fun begins, time to play dress up!

The Vendors

Band or DJ? Minimalistic décor or a full blown flower wall? These are just a few of the decisions you’ll need to make when it comes to coordinating all the details. Vendors can book up fast so take your time finding ones you love, but not too long! Music, flowers, and photography should be at the top of your list to check off first!