Celestial Celebration

Celestial Celebration
Jack Rodriguez Photography

Calling all stargazers! If you’re hoping to plan a truly out of this world wedding, an interstellar trip won’t be necessary. Customizing everything from your invites to your altar with a dose of Milkyway magic will have you over the moon! Be prepared to be completely starry-eyed over these amazing astral details for your celestial inspired wedding!

Is that a twinkle in your eye or the starry night outside? Perhaps it’s the gorgeous array of dangling crystals and chandeliers you have hanging over your reception tables! Creating a shower of stars overhead will enhance your dinner décor and add a healthy dose of shimmer. For your table set up, intergalactic inspired marbled china, think midnight blues with a touch of gold, will look stunning!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting creative with personal touches for your guests! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, provide everyone with a mini-map of the stars above your location so they can stargaze. Astrology is certainly on-brand for this theme, so denote seating arrangements with that person’s zodiac sign and even have napkins with horoscopes written on them!

In a galaxy of colors, stick to gold, silver, bronze, deep blues, and dark purples to keep your venue feeling supernova! You can have your bridesmaids mix and match in these colors with elegant off-the-shoulder chiffon or be unique with velvet gowns. We can’t forget about mom! Have her looking like a superstar with this patterned sequined A-line gown for an absolutely interstellar look!

And what wedding would be complete without a bevy of sweet treats! Bring outer space indoors with a galaxy inspired wedding cake. Think beautifully marbled fondant, hand-painted constellations, and plenty of luster dust to make your cake shine as bright as the stars! Invite your guests to eat macarons, each decorated with a different phase of the moon or simple planetary cookies that everyone can enjoy. Whatever you serve, we’re sure your night will be supremely sweet!

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